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Work philosophy and commitments

At Forcomex, the activity is based on reasoning and basic principles enabling teams and partners to move towards a common direction of collaboration in accordance with the established foundations.

In terms of business practices, respect for our commitments and philosophy is the basis of our individual behavior and the relationships we develop with our partners. We could almost operate without a contract !

A saying claim that it is better to regret not having made a business than to regret having made one. Indeed, the prudent choice of our associates allows us to move forward in serenity, and to set up operations where the only tolerated risk is the entrepreneurial audacity ...

This approach of business relationships requires time, and that is significant because it’s only with time that strong positions can be built and developed jointly with our partners.
Unlike many agents or confreres, we prefer to build long-term partnerships with reliable suppliers for a given material rather than being opportunistic and multiply the sources of supply whose we do not know credibility as well.

We work in dynamic partnerships, where process improvement at all levels is a trademark. We play a role of prescription and advice very important, proportional to our experience of the requirements of the downstream of the chain, and the observation of best practices encountered throughout the world.

Our desire for transparency and sustainability exposes us and represent an assurance that we will always be more worthy of your trust.
We are committed to gradually integrating CSR practices into our daily lives. For this we choose responsible and committed suppliers both for the environment than for their employees and we visit their structures systematically. We reduce to the extent possible our ecological impact due to transport by developing new, more environmentally friendly, multimodal logistics schemes. At the local level, we recycle our waste everyday and work with regional companies, especially for office supplies.


Nos bureaux sont situés en pays Beaujolais à proximité immédiate de Lyon (seconde métropole de France). 

Le bassin industriel du Centre Est (150 km autour de Lyon) concentre plus du tiers des volumes de jus de fruits conditionnés en France.  Lyon borde, avec Milan/Turin et la Ruhr, le grand triangle économique au cœur de l’Europe.


"Our offices are located in the Beaujolais area close to Lyon (the second biggest city of France). The industrial region of Center-East (150 km around Lyon) concentrates over a third of fruit juice volumes packaged in France. Lyon delimits, with Milan / Turin and the Ruhr, the great economic triangle at the heart of Europe."

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