Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits come from tropical or subtropical regions. Apart from their low resistance to cold, no common biological reality characterizes them. Frequently eaten raw in the northern hemisphere in winter, they are also widely used in desserts and pastries as well as by glaciers and clearly occupy a key place in the fruit juice industry.

Our fruits


Passion fruit






On request :  Acai, acerola, dragon fruit, papaya, star fruit, coconut, tamarind, lychee


  • Concentrated juice

  • NFC juice

  • Single strength puree

  • Concentrated puree

  • IQF



*Subject to availability


Nos bureaux sont situés en pays Beaujolais à proximité immédiate de Lyon (seconde métropole de France). 

Le bassin industriel du Centre Est (150 km autour de Lyon) concentre plus du tiers des volumes de jus de fruits conditionnés en France.  Lyon borde, avec Milan/Turin et la Ruhr, le grand triangle économique au cœur de l’Europe.


"Our offices are located in the Beaujolais area close to Lyon (the second biggest city of France). The industrial region of Center-East (150 km around Lyon) concentrates over a third of fruit juice volumes packaged in France. Lyon delimits, with Milan / Turin and the Ruhr, the great economic triangle at the heart of Europe."

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