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An important part of our mission is to find, all over the planet, new partners who have something to bring our customers: some products, a terroir, a vision. One of the first filters in our search is of course the technical and quality maturity of those processors, which – in part – reflect in their certifications.

The essential prerequisite is of course food safety and therefore to at least have an HACCP system in place and comply with the requirements of ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000.

We also check, of course, if our partner is certified for specific markets or product ranges (FDA, kosher, organic, …). Some of our partners who serve the supermarket private label packers are also certified for the environmental risks (ISO14001) or staff safety (OHSAS18001), on top of the professional standards IFS and/or BRC.

Beyond a restricted list of “diplomas”, which bear no interest in themselves, we work on continuous improvement plans on a number of topics related to the way we see a good business management.

This is why we only work with entrepreneurs who have a thorough conscience of their own responsibility with regards to their staff’s personal accomplishment, the life of their community, the environmental balance, the promotion of products who contribute to improving the final consumer’s well-being, etc..

In this sense, we do care for such initiatives as the following schemes:


  • FSC : Forest Stewardship Council

  • Rainforest Alliance

  • Fairtrade

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • UTZ Certified

  • GlobalGap

  • ISSP 

  • SA 8000 (Social Accountability)

  • SEDEX 

  • ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative)

  • Etc.

However, the certification in itself is only one way among others to communicate on the company’s practices, the only important thing being the management and people’s behaviour on a daily basis. We even have some of our partners who work the other way round, build and implement company policies matching and exceeding the requirements of some of these schemes but without applying for the certifications.

Better come over with us and discover on site our partner’s personality and initiatives!


Nos bureaux sont situés en pays Beaujolais à proximité immédiate de Lyon (seconde métropole de France). 

Le bassin industriel du Centre Est (150 km autour de Lyon) concentre plus du tiers des volumes de jus de fruits conditionnés en France.  Lyon borde, avec Milan/Turin et la Ruhr, le grand triangle économique au cœur de l’Europe.


"Our offices are located in the Beaujolais area close to Lyon (the second biggest city of France). The industrial region of Center-East (150 km around Lyon) concentrates over a third of fruit juice volumes packaged in France. Lyon delimits, with Milan / Turin and the Ruhr, the great economic triangle at the heart of Europe."

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