Forcomex's team

Supplier of processed fruit since 2011, Forcomex is based on a team experienced in agronomics, quality and logistics as well as product development.

Pierre Minodier joined the beverage industry some 15 years ago after a successful career in the hygiene industry, as sales director and then as an entrepreneur driving his own operations. He was the CEO of Groupe Fructa Partner, the French subsidiary of Riha WeserGold, up until 2010.

Catherine Le Moigne also comes from Groupe Fructa Partner, where she held various positions mostly in the Supply Chain, both driving the purchase and supplies of raw materials and packed drinks, as well as managing the relation with subcontractors. Groupe Fructa Partner counted up to dozens of processing and bottling suppliers, reaching a leading position on the French market in the mid-2000s (180+ million litres, 15% market share in 2005).


Nicolas Duffez an agronomist, was the Quality and Development director within Groupe Fructa Partner, a position among a number within the industry (quality, audit, purchasing, trade, marketing) in companies as diverse as a supermarket group, a UK-based family trade company, a fruit processing factory in Spain, the world biggest soft-drinks company


Kevin Minodier followed up a Master's degree in Purchasing and Supply Chain from Idrac Business School. At Forcomex since 2011, he is currently responsible for Supply Chain and makes every effort to daily challenge logistics and optimize the supply of Forcomex customers.

Ingrid Saraïva is a young Brazilian girl based in Fortaleza. She completed a degree in business administration at UNIFOR and graduated with second place in her academic promotion. She joined Forcomex in 2018 and is now in constant contact with a large number of fruit processors in South America. She is at the forefront of information and opportunity detection on the upstream side of sectors.

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