For fruit processors

You process fruits and vegetables

You seek to :

  • Build partnerships with growers and cooperatives, or even set your own integrated plantations, so as to better monitor your fruit and vegetable supplies


  • Invest in the appropriate processing and packing technology


  • Set your product development plan in view of satisfying present and future customer requirements.

Your company strategy is therefore built on a sales policy prioritising proximity, transparency, long-term trust and commitment. This is not always easy when your customers evolve in an environment with different language, culture, consumer habits, legal and competitive environment.

To be your partner means, for us :

  • A constant involvement to promote your company, your name, your know-how

    FOR INSTANCE: we never hide your company name on samples or documentation, to the contrary it is your expertise, identified with your name, that we promote.

  • A permanent dedication to sharing relevant, reliable and transparent information 

    FOR INSTANCE: we always give you as much information as possible on our targets, together with a comprehensive feedback on their comments and suggestions upon your offer, your products, your whole project.

  • To share our vision of the market and a continuous interactive work with you to keep your product range alive and aligned on customer expectations 

    FOR INSTANCE: we give you as detailed as possible information on products that you could market based on benchmark data, customer suggestions, knowledge of other markets, etc: specifications, estimated price target, estimated volume.

  • To be involved alongside you as partner entrepreneurs, accountable with you for the P&L of the markets we bring you and the profitable growth of your company 

    FOR INSTANCE: we work with you on your crop calendar so as to try and develop fruits with different harvesting dates, in view of increasing the occupation yield of your extraction process throughout the year.

  • To make your company known by those customers whose purchasing strategy and behaviour match yours, paving way for a potential long-term cooperation 

    FOR INSTANCE: we have with some customers such a trustful relationship that, on the basis of our sole invitation, they accompany us on the field to confirm the potential of new fruit supply/process chains, and make on site the commitments that will enable you to invest up the chain for the middle and long term.

  • To share with you the best practices of transport and sourcing which we have developed or observed in other parts of the planet 

    FOR INSTANCE: we are strongly involved in the development and promotion of alternative shipping scenarios, of which our customers like the impact on the environment but also on the costs (Southern sea route into the South of France instead of Rotterdam, rail/river multimodal combinations). It’s a service that stimulates customer loyalty.



Nos bureaux sont situés en pays Beaujolais à proximité immédiate de Lyon (seconde métropole de France). 

Le bassin industriel du Centre Est (150 km autour de Lyon) concentre plus du tiers des volumes de jus de fruits conditionnés en France.  Lyon borde, avec Milan/Turin et la Ruhr, le grand triangle économique au cœur de l’Europe.


"Our offices are located in the Beaujolais area close to Lyon (the second biggest city of France). The industrial region of Center-East (150 km around Lyon) concentrates over a third of fruit juice volumes packaged in France. Lyon delimits, with Milan / Turin and the Ruhr, the great economic triangle at the heart of Europe."

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