For fruit growers

You grow or trade fresh fruits and vegetables

Picture of a producer picking lemon in a greenhouse

You seek to :

  • Diversify your markets so you better benefit from the dynamism of each of them and get better value for your overall production and balance your commercial risk over various industries

  • Develop an agricultural expertise bringing quality (product but also environment), performance (productivity, consistency) so as to secure and stabilise your income

  • Improve the quality perception of your products down the chain, by promoting your terroir, specific know-how (on residues for instance) or varieties

Your grade-outs products that are not accepted by the fresh market can be an interesting source of additional income.

A man who hold a handful of fresh grapes

We can help you...

 ... by different means and targets :


  • Setting up a relation with processors from whom we will be buying the products, thus our position as their customers will help your position as their supplier

  • Supporting your project of own processing installation through advice, introduction to appropriate partners and more importantly, by building with you a comprehensive commercial plan

  • Buying your fruits and vegetables, that we would have processed in a selected partner factory, under our control