For fruit growers

You grow or trade fresh fruits and vegetables

You seek to :

  • Diversify your markets so you better benefit from the dynamism of each of them and get better value for your overall production and balance your commercial risk over various industries

  • Develop an agricultural expertise bringing quality (product but also environment), performance (productivity, consistency) so as to secure and stabilise your income

  • Improve the quality perception of your products down the chain, by promoting your terroir, specific know-how (on residues for instance) or varieties

Your grade-outs products that are not accepted by the fresh market can be an interesting source of additional income.

We can help you...

 ... by different means and targets :


  • Setting up a relation with processors from whom we will be buying the products, thus our position as their customers will help your position as their supplier

  • Supporting your project of own processing installation through advice, introduction to appropriate partners and more importantly, by building with you a comprehensive commercial plan

  • Buying your fruits and vegetables, that we would have processed in a selected partner factory, under our control



Nos bureaux sont situés en pays Beaujolais à proximité immédiate de Lyon (seconde métropole de France). 

Le bassin industriel du Centre Est (150 km autour de Lyon) concentre plus du tiers des volumes de jus de fruits conditionnés en France.  Lyon borde, avec Milan/Turin et la Ruhr, le grand triangle économique au cœur de l’Europe.


"Our offices are located in the Beaujolais area close to Lyon (the second biggest city of France). The industrial region of Center-East (150 km around Lyon) concentrates over a third of fruit juice volumes packaged in France. Lyon delimits, with Milan / Turin and the Ruhr, the great economic triangle at the heart of Europe."

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