For drink & food packers

You pack finished products derived from fruits and vegetables

Exemple of bottle packaging for fruit juice

You seek to :

  • Avoid wasting time and energy to teach your suppliers on the minimum requirements that your teams have to meet and exceed on a daily basis to satisfy your demanding retail customers: excellent service, no-nonsense on food safety topics and authenticity, flawless reactivity

  • Secure and stabilise your goods input on the mid-term, as price fluctuations and discontinuity of supply have too big an impact on your P&L for you to accept the risk

  • Anticipate and improve your vision ahead of the big agro-economical evolution throughout the planet, in particular the changes of balance in those agricultural areas where local consumption growth becomes a competitor to exports

  • Develop a Purchasing Strategy that is a strong sales differentiation tool by anticipating markets, stimulating R&D, strengthening your logistics and customs management

Our past professional experience (see about our team ?) have seen us through very similar situations: as distributors of finished products and buyers of raw materials, we have been customers of your suppliers, and suppliers to your customers.

A glass of orange juice

We therefore develop our supplier portfolio to :

  • Bring you new sourcing opportunities from new areas, new fruits, new integrated organisations

  • Develop a purchasing strategy which helps yours take you ahead of the competition: optimal balance between the supply sources, technical and quality suggestions on process/ingredients, price and service benchmark, stimulation of R&D

  • Offer you new types of partnership patterns, which bring value, competitive differentiation, efficiency/productivity upgrades: multi-year contracts, alternative logistic solution

  • Strengthen your internal position by developing direct relation and support with your colleagues from other teams e.g. finance, quality, NPD, logistics...